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So you wanna work together one on one?


designed just for you


Hey you!

Ever feel like you can't find the right program for you? With all of the options out there, none of them are tailored to you as an individual. You have a history. You have current goals. Maybe you have a current circumstance that needs attention. If you feel like no other workout programs are meeting your needs right now, One On One training might be what you need. If that's you and we make a good fit, I'd love to help. Keep scrolling to learn more!



One On One training is 100% based on your specific goals. Rehabbing from an injury, pregnant or post partum, or want to up your back squat? A custom program will be able to address the needs that a general program can't.



We eliminate any guesswork by assessing. Your history + your current status matters. With verbal and physical assessments (history intake, balance tests, strength tests) we are able to come up with a training plan that suits your strengths and weaknesses.


One On One provides a clear road map to where you want to be. Individual needs are met in the gym. From your training schedule, to the exercises performed, it's all about you in this process.


One On One cultivates an intimate coach + athlete relationship. Trust, accountability, open communication, and mentorship are rooted in this program. You have a coach (it's me lol) with you every step of the way through your fitness journey.

Virtual welcome consult and goal assessments 

Virtual movement assessment

Strength balance assessment

2-5 customized workouts per week delivered via True Coach

Weekly check-ins with me 

Education of training 

Movement Audits

Interaction and weekly performance comments 

Direct access to me via True Coach

Ongoing support and accountability

3 Month commitment then cancel anytime after 

      This program is the whole sha-bang. If general programs aren't your jam and you like specificity in your training, then this is for you. Your training will be 100% based off of your goals, needs, and assessments. By conducting a virtual movement and strength balance assessment, I am able to see exactly what your body's weaknesses are. Do you need more strength? Do you need more mobility? Are you unbalanced? More stability? These assessments paint the picture for our training. One On One training is going to help you fill any gaps in your training with top notch coaching, education, and accountability. 

The Membership

About The Program

We are in this together

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